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The Pregnancy And Childhood Epigenetics (PACE) consortium is comprised of researchers at NIEHS and around the world who are interested in studying the early life environmental impacts on human disease using epigenetics. Affiliated researchers can click below for guidance on current PACE analysis

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Dr. Binder’s research centers on the analysis of high-dimensional, -omic data to generate novel insight into the molecular mechanisms that shape cancer incidence. A major motivation of her work is the potential of epigenetic epidemiology to elucidate the pathway by which stimuli during critical exposure windows can exert a long-term influence on risk profiles.


  • The developmental origins of health and disease
  • Environmental influences on pubertal development
  • Life-course epigenetics, biological aging, and cancer risk
  • Guiding the design and analysis of epigenetic epidemiology studies


  • ScD in Epidemiology, 2014

    Harvard School of Public Health

  • MS in Epidemiology, 2011

    Harvard School of Public Health