About Me

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health  (https://epi.ph.ucla.edu/).


Research Summary

My research has focused on the potential of epigenetic epidemiology to elucidate the pathway by which adult disease susceptibility is influenced by environmental stimuli during critical periods of developmental plasticity. My unique combination of expertise in epidemiologic theory, quantitative methods, and molecular biology has informed my integration of molecular analysis into human studies to efficiently capture biologic variability of public health relevance. Through my collaborations with molecular biologists, I have explored the impact of maternal conditions and exposures on fetal development through modification of gene regulation in the placenta, a key regulator of fetal health. For these projects, I applied my proficiency in the preprocessing and analysis of genetic variation, histone modifications, protein coding and non-coding expression, and DNA methylation. Furthermore, I used my comprehensive skills in the analysis of microarray and sequencing data to integrate multiple forms of genomic variation to generate novel insight into gene regulation. I have extended my study of the developmental origins of health and disease by investigating the impact of environmental exposures and nutrition on pubertal markers of breast cancer risk in an ongoing longitudinal Chilean cohort. Future projects will investigate mediation of the influences on pubertal development by epigenetic modifications. My academic career has highlighted my commitment to engaging cross-disciplinary perspectives to provide insight into the molecular programming of risk profile.


Areas of Collaboration

My general areas of research include: maternal and child health, adolescent health, environmental health, cancer risk, and molecular determinants of disease.



2014, Sc.D.  in Epidemiology (Epigenetic), Harvard School of Public Health

2011, M.S. in Epidemiology (Genetic and Molecular), Harvard School of Public Health

2009, B.A. in Biology, Scripps College